26 June 2021
Construction Equipment

In order to make more benefits from the existing facilities, making more speed in providing services, reducing the expenses and providing enough opportunity for projects executive directors, machines & equipment organization of IIND Company was established in 2002. The main Mission and purpose of this includes organizing, repair and maintenance of more than 600 sets heavy and light machineries and equipment.

Machines & equipment organization includes diffrent Department as follows:

Head Office Structure

1- Management

2- Statistics and Reports: this group is responsible for controlling the outcomes and preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports using special softwares.

3- Technical Archive: Very rich archive such as Part Book / Shop Maintenance Manual, Operating Manual and etc.

4- Accounting of costs: registering the outcome and preparing the expenses made by machines.

5- Central Supplies Section: procuring spare parts needed for machines & equipment organization by experienced team in Tehran and Dubai for these spare parts and equipments which are not availabe in Iran.

Site Structure

1- Machineries Base

This unit is conducted by 110 skilled and experienced operators who took related courses in the field of operating and directing the machines.

2- Repair and Maintenance

2-1 Daily, Weekly and monthly services of machines.

2-2 Minor repair of machines.


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