26 June 2021
Mobarakeh Steel Complex

Mobarakeh Steel Complex is one of the biggest steel plant in Iran and Iran Industrial Networks Development Company has played a major role in construction, erection and installation of around 20000 tons of equipment in above complex in cooperation with Itallimpianti and Cimimontubi companies utilizing more than 2.4 million Man-Hours under supervision of IRITEC consultants.

The scope of work of IIND included:

Project Raw Material Handling (K70) P.U.07 - Cold Rolling Mill (K90) P.U.51 - Hot Rolling Mill (K100) P.U.53 - Cold Rolling Mill (K110)
Client Mobarakeh Steel Complex Company Nuova Cimimontubi (SPA)
Location 75KM South West of Esfahan, Iran
Starting Date Sep. 1989 Jan. 1990
Commissioning May. 1992 Jun. 1991
Scope of Work Construction & Precommissioning
Weight of Erection 12,500 metric tons 400 metric tons 3,800 Metric tons 3,700 Metric tons
Manpower 1,200,000 Man-Hour 400,000 Man-Hour 400,000 man-Hour 400,000 Man-Hour


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