26 June 2021
Bandar Abbas 8th Refinery

As one of the major contractors in implementation of electromechanical works in Bandar Abbas Refinery, IIND has been responsible for erection and commissioning of heavy Naphtha Hydrotreater, Continuous Catalytic Reformer (CCR), Kerosene Hydrotreater, LPG recovery, LPG treater, LPG Splitter, Amine Treater, 9 units of fired heaters utilizing 6 million Man-Hours which resulted in production of 36000 barrels of gasoline and 25000 barrels of kerosene per day.

Project Kerosene Hydrotreater Fired Heaters H-Naphtha Hydro-Cracker & CCR
Client National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)
Consultant Chiyoda and Snamprojetti Joint Venture
Location Bandar Abbas
Starting Date Jun. 1995 Nov. 1994 Jun. 1995
Commissioning Date Mar.1997 Jul. 1997 Jul. 1997
Nominal Capacity 25,000 BPS/D   36,000 BPS/D
Erection Weight 2,000 Metric Tons 6,000 Metric Tons 3,500 Metric Tons
Manpower Consumption 220,000 Man-Hours 400,000 Man-Hours 240,000 Man-Hours
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