26 June 2021
Quality Policy


The management of Iran Industrial Networks Development Company strongly believes that the success and survival of a company in this world of competition is based on implementation a very strong system of quality procedure which does cover the management and execution sectors of the company. The efforts which are used ISO/TS 29001: 2003 & ISO 9001: 2000 are carried out in this respect.

The basis goal for:

  1. To achieve the satisfaction of the costumer.

  2. To reduce the execution times of the projects.

  3. To reduce the losses by means of implementation of skilled labor, right kind of equipment and machinery and using the latest related technologies.

  4. To increase the performance of the work force and machinery.

  5. To create and improve the infrastructure of the company by means of education, and to be able to participate in the international projects.

  6. To cooperate with the engineering bodies of the country and try to employ the skilled man power and increase the level of their specialties.

  7. To prevent the excess costs of project execution by means of best possible procedure and try to increase the personnel’s working spirit.

  8. To establish the necessary discipline in the company.


S. Dilfanian

Managing Director

Iran Industrial Networks Development Company

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